Wednesday, May 27, 2009


There is not any human being without culture in this world . Different people have different cultures that they love. Let us see what kinds of cultures our people Arakaneses use today. We can say what the cultures of Buddhism is what the cultures of Arakanese leading to their lives by the peaceful way of Buddha' s teaching. But today some invaders from east of Bangladeshi are trying to introduce their cultures as Arakanese cultures by telling lie to the world and also they.put name as Rohingyar, one of Arakanese's ethnic. No one can see they were in our histories. It is so hard to solve that problem because we are under the controlling of colony rule. In reality, the people of Arakan are the people of Buddhists with their own cultures. If the cultures are not concerned with Buddhism, they are not Arakanese cultures. It has not doubt because we have firm histories and fossils that are telling what true of Arakanese cultures are. Whoever being known as the real our histories may clear how they are related with Buddhist histories. so we have a new era of responsibility for our cultures not to be disappeared.

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